Judge Details
George Oliviero

Caption : Visual

Judging History
From 1974 to present, DCI and now Visual Education Director; from 1978 to present, WGI and local guard circuits; from 1998 to present with WBA; lots of work for Bands of America and Colorado Band Masters;

Teaching History
27th Lancers, Boston Crusaders, Boston College Band among many others

Performing History
St. Kevin's Emerald Knights, Cambridge Caballeros

Music Education & degrees
BA in Economics; MA in teaching, MBA in finance; now a high school math teacher

Madera Heart of California Tournament of Champions

October 07 @ Madera High School

Vista Murrieta So Cal Tournament of Gold

October 07 @ Vista Murrieta High School

Valley Christian Quest Classic

October 07 @ Chabot College

Gilroy Garlic City Classic

October 14 @ Gilroy High School

Ayala Music In Motion Tournament

October 14 @ Ruben Ayala High School

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