Event Registration

2016 Event Registration is scheduled to begin on

Monday, May 19




If you currently have a “Director’s Only” username and password and are the primary contact with a returning band – Log Into the Director’s Only website  for access to event registration under “Enter Events” on the right side of the Dashboard


If your band has not competed with WBA in the past year and currently do not have a username and password, you must contact the WBA office to obtain these credentials . Please allow up to three (3) full business days to process the new member registration and receive your director's only username and password. This will be sent to you via the email address you submitted.  To enter events you need this information first and then can follow the directions above. 


If you have any questions on obtaining your Director’s Only username and password, call the WBA office at 925-938-8917.



  • All contests will utilize WBA Rules and Score Sheets as defined in the 2016 WBA Adjudication Manual and Rule Book. All members can access the rule here.
  • All deadlines for contest entries will be strictly enforced. In order to be fair to all participating bands, there will be no exceptions.
  • A band having outstanding balances to WBA will not be allowed to enter any contest until the debt has been satisfied.
  • WBA Membership is required for all marching bands in order to participate in any event.  The membership fee of $150 will be included in your first entry registration.  All subsequent entry registrations will show that membership has already been purchased.
  • Entries into 2016 WBA Events will begin on May 14, 2016 via the WBA website.  This will be the first day available to use website entry system, NOT first postmark date.
  • Members will have the first available postmark for entry forms of May 16, 2016.  Postmark will determine performance order.  Bands with the earliest postmark date will perform last in their class of competition.  Bands with the same postmark date will be randomly drawn within their postmark date to determine performance order.
  • Each band is financially responsible for all entry fees and fees associated with entries. Entry fee per band for any class in a regular contest is $250 until September 1.  Entries postmarked after that date are $300.  Entry fee per band for any class in the WBA Championships is $400 until September 1.  Entries postmarked after that date are $500. 
  • Payment for entries can be made by three methods:  credit card, check and PayPal.  Payment does not need to be submitted at the time of entry unless using credit or PayPal. 
  • Payment will be due September 1, 2016 in order to keep your original postmark.  Those bands failing to remit payment by the due date will have their entries voided.  Band will lose their original postmark date and must begin the entry process all over again with new postmark date.
  • Entry fees are refundable until September 1, 2016. After that date, entry fees are non-refundable.
  • If you sign up for an event and cannot attend, then you have the option of transferring to a different regional event for a fee. Certain restrictions apply; please contact the WBA office for assistance by calling 925-938-8917.
  • Bands entering WBA Events in 1A, 2A and 3A classes will receive a ten (10) staff passes.  4A and 5A will receive one (1) staff pass for every ten performers.  Bands will also receive a similar number of “Pit Passes” to each event allowing pit crew to set up equipment and/or props.


Madera Heart of California Tournament of Champions

October 07 @ Madera High School

Vista Murrieta So Cal Tournament of Gold

October 07 @ Vista Murrieta High School

Valley Christian Quest Classic

October 07 @ Chabot College

Gilroy Garlic City Classic

October 14 @ Gilroy High School

Ayala Music In Motion Tournament

October 14 @ Ruben Ayala High School

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