Classes of Competition

Bands are assigned to classes based on the number of performers on the field:

  • Class 1A - up to 60 performers
  • Class 2A - 61 to 80 performers
  • Class 3A - 81 to 100 performers
  • Class 4A -101 to 140 performers
  • Class 5A - 141 and over performers

Current bands that wish to change their classification should contact the WBA office by calling 925-938-8917.  Classificiations may only be changed manually by administration.

Madera Heart of California Tournament of Champions

October 07 @ Madera High School

Vista Murrieta So Cal Tournament of Gold

October 07 @ Vista Murrieta High School

Valley Christian Quest Classic

October 07 @ Chabot College

Gilroy Garlic City Classic

October 14 @ Gilroy High School

Ayala Music In Motion Tournament

October 14 @ Ruben Ayala High School

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