Classes of Competition

Bands are assigned to classes based on the number of performers on the field:

  • Class 1A - up to 60 performers
  • Class 2A - 61 to 80 performers
  • Class 3A - 81 to 100 performers
  • Class 4A -101 to 140 performers
  • Class 5A - 141 and over performers

Current bands that wish to change their classification should contact the WBA office by emailing 

Classifications may only be changed manually by administration.

Madera Heart of California Tournament of Champions

October 07 @ Madera High School

Vista Murrieta So Cal Tournament of Gold

October 07 @ Vista Murrieta High School

Valley Christian Quest Classic

October 07 @ Chabot College

Gilroy Garlic City Classic

October 14 @ Gilroy High School

Ayala Music In Motion Tournament

October 14 @ Ruben Ayala High School

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