WBA Championships Weather Update: Early Friday Afternoon


Good Afternoon. We have been in communication with the local districts and school administrators at both West HS and RFK Stadium. Both schools are continuing outdoor activities today and over the last few days, without limitations.


The RFK football team is also playing in a playoff game tonight as planned. 


Both schools are excited about the events this weekend and are encouraging WBA to continue with the Championship Weekend as planned. 


Currently, there are no changes to the WBA Championship Weekend. We will continue to monitor the Air Quality and stay in touch with local officials and administrators to ensure a safe and successful experience for all performers, staff and spectators this weekend.  If the air quality unexpectedly turns worse, we will be in immediate communication with all via email, Facebook, and call/text with participating directors. 


The current Air Quality is under 130. We encourage all students that have asthma or allergies to bring their inhalers and be aware of the situation. 


WBA understands that the decision to participate in these unique circumstances should be in the hands of each program director and school administrator. 


If you can not attend we ask you to text or call Lainey Braatz <lbraatz@westernbands.org> at (850) 320-0099 no later than 5:00pm today. 


We will send and post an updated schedule no later than 7:00pm tonight, to reflect any participation changes. 


Thank you for your continued support. The healthy and safety of everyone involved remains paramount in all decisions being made.


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