2020 Spirit of WBA


The Western Band Association exists to bring people together, foster the development of its constituents, and be a place where quality and achievement are both encouraged and rewarded.


While a countless number of people contribute to the success of WBA and its participating ensembles, we want to recognize the person or people who have gone above and beyond to help improve WBA for all ensembles.


Those receiving this recognition:

  • View WBA as a community that we’re all a part of

  • Seek to raise our standards with the motivation of benefiting all ensembles

  • Realize and encourage the mindset of “a rising tide lifts all boats”


Thank you for your efforts and contributions.  We hope you enjoy seeing the results of them as WBA moves forward.


Congratulations to this year’s recipients:


George Oliviero


George Oliviero has been a dedicated and indispensable contributor to WBA since moving to California in 1998. As a close friend of Shirlee Whitcomb, George was often involved in deeply thoughtful conversations about philosophy and practice that have substantially enhanced the sustained success and longevity of WBA. For over 20 years, George has always made WBA his priority when accepting Fall adjudication assignments. He has judged countless WBA Grand Championships events and is regarded highly by many for his wisdom and integrity, thoughtful approach to analysis and commentary, and the judicious guidance he's provided to innumerable field show programs. Recently, George has been instrumental in revising and modernizing the WBA evaluation process, carefully recalling the intended approach to each caption as Shirlee and the WBA founders intended while retooling them to better reflect today's standards and processes. Thanks to George's work, WBA's score sheets apply modern-day marching band terminology while articulating WBA’s artistic and educational goals. Thank you, George, for your tireless commitment and friendship to WBA over the years.



Lynn Lewis


This season, Lynn Lewis, director of Granite Bay High School, often shared her ideas about how WBA could create meaningful experiences for our students and community.  Many of her thoughts were worked into the three virtual offerings we created this season.  Thinking outside the box and inspiring her students to get involved, Lynn offered extra credit to those who participated in WBA events.  This resulted in numerous Granite Bay High School students learning new music and performing this fall, which helped keep their music education driving forward in these most tumultuous times.  Congratulations, Lynn!  Thank you for thinking bigger and sharing your ideas with us, and for helping the entire WBA community experience meaningful events this fall.

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