Ayala Band and Color Guard

Ayala High School, Chino Hills, CA

2018 Program


Tim Trost, Shant Keuroghelian
Design Staff – Music
Ike Jackson, Matt Hernandez, and Key Poulan
Design Staff – Visual
Peter Beckhart, Drill Designer
Mario Ramirez, Colorguard Designer
Design Staff – Percussion
Ike Jackson and Matt Hernandez
Design Staff – Auxiliary
Mario Ramirez
Instructional Staff – Music
Tim Trost, Shant Keuroghelian, Ike Jackson, Matt Hernandez, and Andrew Ordonez
Instructional Staff – Visual
Zach Carrasco, Caption Head
Gary Briggs, Johnny Jagerman, Noe Gomez, Christen Wroth, Nathan Benegas, Victor Bui
Instructional Staff – Percussion
Ike Jackson, Darren Van Derpoel, Matt Hernandez, Abby Zarate, Jonathan Wicks, Elliot Duran, Ernie McLaurin
Instructional Staff – Auxiliary
Mario Ramirez, Brandi Ramirez, Keila Crook, Jasmine Ibarra
Drum Major(s)
Riley Zemlicka, Andrea Hansen, Aiyana Lopez-Lara, and Luke Galang
Section Leaders
Woodwind Captain - Hailey Hovey
Brass Captain - Nicholas Chib
Battery Percussion Captain - Cristian Vista
Front Ensemble Percussion Captain - Justin Huang
Colorguard Captains - Amanda Knuppenberg and Angelica Gutierrez
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