Ayala Band and Color Guard

Ayala High School, Chino Hills, CA

2022 Program

Bridge Between Worlds

Tim Trost (Director) and Kyle Martinez (Assistant Director)
Drum Major(s)
Noah Amancio, Vikram Senthilkumar, Winston Wu & Ian Revilla
Section Leaders
Katherine Luo (Woodwind Caption), Steven Huang (Woodwind Caption), Cassius Webster (Brass Caption), Shaidy Ramon (Brass Caption), Nicholas Miyasato (Battery Caption), Joanne Lu (Front Ensemble Caption), Sydney Herrera (Front Ensemble Caption), Bianca Perez (Colorguard Caption), Lindsay Shen (Colorguard Caption), Malia DelaCruz (Colorguard Caption), Alisa Villegas (Flute Section Leader), Angelina Chien (Flute Section Leader), Katherine Luo (Clarinet Section Leader), Xiaona Deng (Low Reeds Section Leader), Youngsuk Ryow (Alto Saxophone Section Leader), Faith Medina (Alto Saxophone Section Leader), Matthew Peterson (Tenor Saxophone Section Leader), Eric Sun (Trumpet Section Leader), Charles Ruppert (Trumpet Section Leader), Lily Schaumann (Mellophone Section Leader), William Xie (Baritone Section Leader), Spencer Zheng (Baritone Section Leader), Steven Lin (Tuba Section Leader), Zachary Miyasato (Snare Section Leader), Amare King (Tenor Section Leader), Jimin Kim (Bass Drum Section Leader), Elaina Master (Cymbal Section Leader), Micah Luck (Toms Section Leader), Natanielle Redublo (Mallets Section Leader), Samuel Jeyapaul (Rhythm Section Leader), Anjana Korisal (Field Manager), Vincent Goodale (Field Manager), Hannah Jung (Field Manager), Joshua Kajiwara (Field Manager), Joshua Lee (Field Manager), Daniel Lin (Field Manager), Sean Lin (Field Manager), Micah Luck (Field Manager), Sofia Mendez (Field Manager), Riley Mendoza (Field Manager), Yerin Oh (Field Manager)
Design Staff – Music
Vince Oliver (Composer & Arranger), Darren Van Derpoel, Seth Woodard & Peter Beckhart
Design Staff – Visual
Peter Beckhart (Drill Designer)
Design Staff – Percussion
Darren Van Derpoel & Seth Woodard
Design Staff – Auxiliary
Gabe Escobedo (Caption Head)
Instructional Staff – Music
Thom Morales (Woodwind Caption Head), Andrew Ordonez & Jared Seymour (Brass)
Instructional Staff – Visual
Zach Carrasco (Caption Head), Gary Briggs, Chris Prell, Mako Williams, Giovanny Christopher Rodriguez, Trevor Vanderpool, Michael Adrias
Instructional Staff – Percussion
Darren Van Derpoel (Caption Head), Sean Gordon (Caption Head), Elliott Duran, Sean Ye, Robert Ly, Ernie McLaurin, Kailani Grider, Kimberly Lam
Instructional Staff – Auxiliary
Gabe Escobedo (Caption Head), Jessica Rico, Thalia Ortega, Moises Felix

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