Chino Hills High School Marching Band

Chino Hills High School, Chino Hills, CA

2022 Program

All The World's A Stage

Steve Krumbine (Director), Jonathan Probst (Director)
Drum Major(s)
Abbie Airth (Drum Major), Julia Framan (Drum Major), Deshawn Garnica (Drum Major), Ripley Swingle (Drum Major)
Section Leaders
Alexi Celis (Woodwind Captain), Jett Andrade (Brass Captain), Margabrielle Navarro (Flute), Joseph Ying (Clarinets), Joseph Bailey (Saxophones), Ashley Tran (Low Reeds), Jeremy Mamaril (Trumpets), Isabella Carr (Mellophones), Aiden Kelly (Baritone), Dalton Droog (Tuba), Brandon Matson (Battery Captain), Sierra Williams-Franklin (Bass), Marcus Liu (Tenors), Kayli Hasegawa (Front Ensemble), Austin Sells (Front Ensemble), Ashley Kuo (Front Ensemble), Ava Almonte (Guard Captain), Emily Hua (Guard Captain), RayAnn Marquez (Guard Captain), Joni Bautista (Guard Captain)
Design Staff – Music
John Mapes, Ian Grom
Design Staff – Visual
Rob Jett (Drill Writer), Shant Keuroghelian (Visual Consultant)
Design Staff – Percussion
John Mapes (Caption Head), Ian Grom (Caption Head)
Design Staff – Auxiliary
Chadd Hartman (Caption Head)
Instructional Staff – Music
Jason Alvo (Music Staff), Andrew Barone (Music Staff), Shyanne Crocker (Music Staff), Andrew Ordonez (Music Staff), Ryan Osborne (Music Staff), Kevin Truong (Music Staff), Andrew Vang (Music Staff)
Instructional Staff – Visual
Niklous Chou (Visual Staff), Garret Lopez (Visual Staff), Jared Seymour (Visual Staff), Star Watson (Visual Staff)
Instructional Staff – Percussion
Tim Moriarty (Percussion Staff), Ryan Ward (Percussion Staff), Christian Ogata (Percussion Staff), Erick Urbina (Percussion Staff), Zachary Wilson (Percussion Staff), Juan Crespo (Percussion Staff), Elijah Jones (Percussion Staff)
Instructional Staff – Auxiliary
Dolce Congo (Guard Staff), Amanda Cruz (Guard Staff), Carla Hernandez (Guard Staff), Darius Parker (Guard Staff), Bailey Sidell (Guard Staff)

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