Don Antonio Lugo Marching Conquistadores

Don Antonio Lugo High School, Chino, CA

2020 Program

Your Life's Blueprint

Stephen Yanik (Director of Bands)
Drum Major(s)
Jesse Wareham (Conducting Drum Major), Elias Guzman (Field Drum Major/flute section leader), Jingran Zhang (Assistant Drum Major)
Section Leaders
Ashlyn Johnson (Guard Captain), Anais Chavez (Battery Captain), Hannah Finkbeiner (Pit Captain), Marius Taddwilliams (Brass Captain/Trumpet), Mercedes Lobo (Assistant Guard Captain), Jingren Zhang (Assistant Pit Captain), Ethan Brown (Low Brass Section Leader), Trevor Rouse (mello sectio leader), Silvia Hernandez (Clarinet Section Leader), Bozrin Porter (Sax Section Leader)
Design Staff – Music
Tass Duarte (Drill Designer)
Design Staff – Visual
Tass Duarte (Drill Designer)
Design Staff – Percussion
Tass Duarte (Drill Designer)
Design Staff – Auxiliary
Joey Valenzuela (Guard Caption Head)
Instructional Staff – Music
Chris Verastegui (Brass Caption Head), Lyle Teng (Brass tech), Christen Wroth (Woodwind Caption Head), Lyle Teng (Woodwind Tech)
Instructional Staff – Visual
Christen Wroth (Visual Caption Head), Tass Duarte (Visual Tech), Lyle Teng (Visual Tech)
Instructional Staff – Percussion
Reggie Ordonez, Tyler Miller (Percussion Caption Head and staff)
Instructional Staff – Auxiliary
Alana Pineda (Guard Staff)

2020 Events

No 2020 events.

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