El Toro High School Royal Blue Regiment

El Toro High School, Lake Forest, CA

2018 Program


Brandon Miller
Design Staff – Music
Andrew Markworth and Brandon Miller
Design Staff – Visual
Peter Beckhart and Hayden Burkett
Design Staff – Percussion
Design Staff – Auxiliary
Jessica Patterson and Thalia Ortega
Instructional Staff – Music
Woodwind- Brock Gieszl
Brass- Alexis Winchell
Instructional Staff – Visual
Hayden Burkett, Ted Kuehnert, Brock Gieszl
Instructional Staff – Percussion
Vince Terusa, Tan Hyunh, Michael Schlotter
Instructional Staff – Auxiliary
Jessica Patterson and Thalia Ortega
Drum Major(s)
Jenna Huseby, Daniel Nogle, and Anastasia DeLance
Section Leaders
Woodwind Captains- Nicole Huseby and Katherine Brauer
Brass Captains- Mia Carrera and Caroline Calvano
Drum Captain- Jonathan Cha
Pit Captain- Alexa Pham
Color Guard- Madalyn Turner, Clarissa Platt, Raney Kennedy
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