The Spirit of Great Oak

Great Oak High School, Temecula, CA

2018 Program

Me, Myself, and Hyde

Jerry Burdick-Rutz, Alan Underwood and Sarah Ball
Design Staff – Music
Original Music and Arrangements by Johnathan Zuniga; and Pete Lucero.
Design Staff – Visual
Visual Design is by Pete Lucero and Coordinated by Sarah Ball;
Design Staff – Percussion
Percussion Staff Design is by Pete Lucero.
Design Staff – Auxiliary
Auxiliary design by Ashley Ellis Porter.
Instructional Staff – Music
Wind Instructional Staff is led by Alan Underwood; Akira Garcia and Devin Walker
Instructional Staff – Visual
Visual Instructor is led by Caleb Gasteiger
Instructional Staff – Percussion
Percussion instructional staff is led by Sarah Ball; Richard Diaz, Jack Doerges, Brandon Zackey, David Ramirez and Alan Aungst.
Instructional Staff – Auxiliary
Auxiliary Staff is led by Ashley Ellis Porter; and Bobbi Cadena.
Drum Major(s)
Senior's Drew Miller and Savannah Schaffer; Juniors Brad Beggs and Geena Han
Section Leaders
Guard Captains are Megan Grauf-Hollenkamp and Savannah Anderson; Percussion Captains are James Taylor and Alec Anton; Sr. Wind Captains are Dean Arendon, Logan LaRue, and Kathryn Vann. Senior Visual Captains are Justin Hartley and Abby Jorgenson; and Band President is Nina Gaff.
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