James C. Enochs High School Marching Band and Color Guard

James C. Enochs High School, Modesto, CA

2018 Program

When One Door Closes...

Phil Vallejo, Pat Mester
Design Staff – Music
Vince Oliver and Andrew Ziehm
Design Staff – Visual
Jaycee Wilson, Blake Underwood and Santino Rodriguez
Design Staff – Percussion
Andrew Ziehm and Dario Costa
Design Staff – Auxiliary
David Ziehm and Amanda Ziehm
Instructional Staff – Music
Vince Underwood and Vanessa Le
Instructional Staff – Visual
Blake Underwood, Hannah Boyer, Brianna Gier, Vanessa Le and Santino Rodriguez
Instructional Staff – Percussion
Andrew Ziehm, Dario Costa, Paul Willis and David Medina
Instructional Staff – Auxiliary
David Ziehm, Amanda Ziehm and Kristen Underwood
Drum Major(s)
Anny-her Reyes-Ayala and Patrick Hidalgo
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