Leigh High School Marching Band

Leigh High School, San Jose, CA

2021 Program


Alex Christensen (Director), Jason Ino (Assistant Director)
Design Staff – Music
Fred Smith (Winds and Electronics Writer)
Design Staff – Visual
Jason Ino (Drill Writer)
Design Staff – Percussion
Joey Staab (Percussion Writer), Chavadith Tantavirojn (Percussion Writer)
Design Staff – Auxiliary
Megan Leach (Guard Choreographer), Russell Crowe (Guard Choreographer)
Instructional Staff – Music
Alec Hattan (Winds Coach)
Instructional Staff – Visual
Ian Hattan (Visual Caption Head), Alec Hattan (Visual Coach), Jazz Legaspi (Choreographer)
Instructional Staff – Percussion
Joey Staab (Percussion Caption Head), Chavadith Tantavirojn (Percussion Coach), Carlos Alvarez (Percussion Coach)
Instructional Staff – Auxiliary
Megan Leach (Guard Caption Head), Jenny Pors (Guard Coach), Russell Crowe (Guard Coach)

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