Saratoga High School Marching Band and Color Guard

Saratoga High School, Saratoga, CA

2022 Program


Jason Shiuan (Band Director), Michael Boitz (Band Director), Sean Clark (Associate Band Director)
Drum Major(s)
Petr Tupitsyn (Drum Major), Alison Okuno (Drum Major), Gabe Shyh (Drum Major)
Section Leaders
Brian Sheen (Head Manager), Cameron Nguyen (Head Manager), Juliette Hsieh (Guard Captain), Brendan Sharp (Guard Captain), Mika Tippetts (Guard Captain), Helen Kao (Woodwind Captain), Woody Li (Brass Co-Captain), Mark Liu (Brass Co-Captain), Simon Yan (Percussion Captain), Fletcher Dubin (Manager), Lilianna Liu (Manager), Brad Ma (Manager), Pothan Tang (Manager), Audrey Wong (Manager), Ethan Wong (Manager), Christopher You (Manager), Cameron Sy (Manager), Rishi Vaidya (Manager), Alicia Nguyen (Manager), Anais Sobrier (Manager), Sophia Deng (Manager), Madeline Hung (Section Leader), Eric Miao (Section Leader), Isha Jagadish (Section Leader), Dyne Lee (Section Leader), Samantha Stoiber (Section Leader), Nathan Zhu (Section Leader), Katelyn Fritz (Section Leader), Isaac Loke (Section Leader), Caden Lee (Section Leader), Vidur Sanghi (Section Leader), Stanley Yang (Section Leader), Esabella Fung (Section Leader), Niraali Garg (Section Leader), Mohit Gandluru (Section Leader), Kate Oberhauser (Section Leader), Anika Kapasi (Section Leader), Lionel Tang (Section Leader), Hillary Gonzalez (Section Leader), Grant Hough (Section Leader), Emily Boselli (Section Leader), Brandon Ngo (Section Leader), Zachary Zinman (Section Leader)
Design Staff – Music
Jason Shiuan (Band Director), Sean Clark (Associate Band Director), Chavadith Tantavirojn (Percussion Co-Director)
Design Staff – Visual
KK Rasmussen (Visual Designer & Choreographer)
Design Staff – Percussion
Sean Clark (Associate Band Director), Chavadith Tantavirojn (Percussion Co-Director)
Design Staff – Auxiliary
Russell Crow (Guard Director)
Instructional Staff – Music
Alex Tran (Drum Major Coach & Music Instructor)
Instructional Staff – Visual
Todd Ryan (Visual Instructor), Armeen Ghafourpour (Visual Instructor), KK Rasmussen (Visual Designer & Choreographer), Jon Pwu (Visual Instructor), Dr. John Zarco (Visual Instructor)
Instructional Staff – Percussion
AJ Gonzales (Front Ensemble Instructor), Paul Narkiewicz (Front Ensemble Instructor), Gabriel Boquiren (Electronics), Chavadith Tantavirojn (Percussion Co-Director), Aaron Kim (Battery Instructor), Brandon Adamson (Battery Instructor), Dr. Stuart Langsam (Battery Instructor), Casey Quevedo (Battery Instructor)
Instructional Staff – Auxiliary
Russell Crow (Guard Director), Elijah Morales (Guard Instructor), Nikhil Kapasi (Guard Instructor), Chloe Hsieh (Guard Instructor)

2022 Events

NorCal Super ShowNovember 5, 2022
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