Rattlesnake Regiment

Serrano Instrumental Music Association, Phelan, CA

2018 Program

Gone but not Forgotten

Matthew Fell
Design Staff – Music
Kenneth Pasewark
Design Staff – Visual
James Gow
Design Staff – Percussion
Pete Sapadin, Erik Cao
Design Staff – Auxiliary
James Elder
Instructional Staff – Visual
Joe Bovy
Instructional Staff – Percussion
Dallin Johnson, Steven Ornelas
Instructional Staff – Auxiliary
James Elder, Juliette Brannen
Drum Major(s)
Shannon Cebrynski (Seh-brin-skee), Xitlally (Seat-lah-lee) Gonzalez, John Drew

2018 Events

Vista Murrieta So Cal Tournament of GoldOctober 6, 2018
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