Salinas High School Marching Band and Color Guard

Salinas High School, Salinas, CA

2019 Program

Cosmos: The Story of Attraction

Micah Cabaccang
Drum Major(s)
Tristan Mcdonnell, Quinn Ross
Section Leaders
Alex Yhip, Daniel Moreno, Cayenne Denny, Robanae Taber, Cailtin Wells, Jaylon Martinus, Dylan Lacalamita, Gilberto Oros, Jorge Gallegos Canche, Lucia McDonough, Ryan Eads, Samuel Lee, Thomas Brau, Tyler Benson, Dylan Garcia
Design Staff – Music
Micah Cabaccang
Design Staff – Visual
Jeff Lind, Daniel Algazy
Design Staff – Percussion
Rudy Quincy, Micah Cabaccang
Design Staff – Auxiliary
Jeff Lind, Alex Grimes
Instructional Staff – Music
Micah Cabaccang, Jeff Lind, Frank Troyka, Daniel Algazy, Barry Capiaux, Miranda Trayford
Instructional Staff – Visual
Daniel Algazy, Barry Capiaux, Miranda Trayford, Jeffrey Lind, Alex Grimes, Frank Troyka, Micah Cabaccang
Instructional Staff – Percussion
Rudy Quincy, David Giertz, Micah Cabaccang
Instructional Staff – Auxiliary
Miranda Trayford, Jeff Lind, Alex Grimes

2019 Events

Gilroy Garlic City ClassicOctober 12, 2019
Scarlet Regiment Tournament of BandsOctober 26, 2019
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