Thunder Marching Band

Desert Vista High School, Phoenix, AZ

2020 Program

Way of the Wind

Josh Thye (Director of Bands)
Drum Major(s)
Jasmyn DeGraff (Drum Major), Saadiya Patrick (Drum Major)
Design Staff – Music
Richard Saucedo (Music Arranger), Michael Krill (Music Arranger)
Design Staff – Visual
Mitch Rogers (Drill Design)
Design Staff – Percussion
Aaron Morales (Percussion Arranger), Chris Evans (Battery Arranger)
Design Staff – Auxiliary
Keith Casey (Guard Designer)
Instructional Staff – Music
Michael Krill (Woodwind Caption Head), Tristan Jagielko (Brass Caption Head), Mark Richardson (Music Consultant), Sarah Richardson (Drum Major Instructor)
Instructional Staff – Visual
Jeff Whipple (Visual Caption Head), Abraham Garcia (Visual Instructor), Andy Blount (Visual Instructor), Matt Rose (Visual Instructor)
Instructional Staff – Percussion
Vicente Lopez (Percussion Director), Chris Evans (Battery Caption Head), Phil Edwards (Battery Instructor), Dustin Roa (Front Ensemble Instructor), Jasper Wu (Front Ensemble Instructor)
Instructional Staff – Auxiliary
Keith Casey (Guard Caption Head), Sam Atton (Guard Instructor), Holly Paxton (Guard Instructor)

2020 Events

No 2020 events.

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