Bryan Smith

North High School, Torrance, CA

2022 Program

Unfinished Business

Bryan Smith (Director)
Drum Major(s)
Tracy Perez (Drum Major)
Section Leaders
Eric Gong (High Woodwinds), Nelliyah Crelencia (High Woodwinds), Koi Mancuso (Saxophones), Sophia Watari (High Brass), Gabby Bradfisch (Low Brass), Donovan Cooper (Battery), Emily Adams (Front Ensemble)
Design Staff – Music
Bryan Smith (Composer/Arranger), Aya Strauss (Battery Percussion), Jill McClemens (Front Ensemble)
Design Staff – Visual
Daniel Aguayo (Drill Design)
Design Staff – Percussion
Aya Strauss (Battery Percussion), Jill McClemens (Front Ensemble Percussion)
Design Staff – Auxiliary
Katrina Brown, Nina Keller
Instructional Staff – Music
Richard Fernandez (Music and Marching Tech), Anthony Lipari (Music and Marching Tech), Xavier Escalante (Physical Training and Conditioning)
Instructional Staff – Visual
Richard Fernandez (Marching and Visual Instructor), Anthony Lipari (Marching and Visual Instructor)
Instructional Staff – Percussion
Jill McClemens (Front Ensemble), Lou Rosen (Assistant Front Ensemble), Seth Fajardo (Battery Percussion), Will Fisher (Assistant Battery Percussion)
Instructional Staff – Auxiliary
Katrina Brown, Nina Keller

2022 Events

SoCal Super ShowOctober 29, 2022
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